DEIA Goals

DEIA Goals

ORNL developed and is implementing a comprehensive DEIA Plan that captures our DEIA vision and is built around a series of five goals highlighted below. We invite you to review these goals along with some of the key actions associated with each that are under way at this time.

Circle graphic with five hexagons around the outside and center of the circle.

Cohesive Structures

Enhance DEIA structures important for prioritizing, connecting, implementing, and tracking DEIA progress, including a multiyear DEIA framework.

Shared Understanding

Enhance laboratory-wide understanding of DEIA and its value proposition, communicating how DEIA connects to and advances ORNL’s mission and vision. 

Balanced Representation

Develop and deploy recruiting, onboarding, and career development strategies to close gaps in representation. 

Exceptional Experiences

Create an inclusive environment that inspires all talent to contribute their unique perspectives and talents to the mission and that fosters uniform employee experience across the laboratory. 

Enriched Partnerships

Develop and sustain diversity-oriented local, regional, and community science and technology partnerships that enhance accessibility of ORNL resources to underrepresented entities as well as broader impacts.