Our Diversity Principles and Goals

ORNL values mutual respect and personal integrity, as evidenced by our institutional DEI goals outlined below. 

Committed Leadership

Increase the percentage of diverse leaders for our research and business support directorates

Sponsor Courageous Leaders Workshops, providing a forum for discussion of DEI topics

Enriched Culture

Foster a culture leveraging employees’ unique talents and experiences to deliver innovative results, embracing diversity and inclusion

Provide managers with tools they need to develop high-performing, culturally diverse teams and a culture of trust, respect, and innovation

Engaged Workforce

Sustain DEI in new employee orientation, employee engagement and professional development, leadership development, and succession planning

Continue existing work–life balance initiatives and assess opportunities for additional measures

Equitable Workplace

Create a workplace where staff understand equity and bias and are enabled to move toward full inclusion

Engage with employee resource groups to receive feedback on employee sentiment and workplace challenges

Future Workforce

Ensure the process for selecting employees for development programs is fair and transparent

Continue existing STEM education/training programs to develop strong, diverse pools of students, postdocs, and educators/mentors

Corporate Citizen

Lead regionally in engagement of minority-, veteran-, and woman-owned businesses in subcontracting and licensing

Offer STEM education programs for school groups and others, and encourage employees to engage in community service