Oak Ridge National Laboratory thrives on the premise that diversity is essential, equity is inherent, inclusion is innate, and accessibility is achievable. Fostering the diversity of ideas and people within and across teams, ORNL’s decadal vision is to be a world leader in accelerating scientific discoveries and their translation into energy, environment, and security solutions that have local, national, and global impact and a recognized top workplace of choice.    

ORNL’s diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility (DEIA) mission is to enhance the culture, structures, practices, and tools that attract, retain, support, and inspire diverse staff to fully contribute their unique talents to ORNL’s ambitious vision, foster deep engagement with and accessibility for diverse external communities, and broaden the impact of DOE-supported research and development.

Workforce Demographics

At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, employees value one another’s depth and breadth of ideas, backgrounds, and expertise. These are qualities necessary for ORNL to deliver world-class science, excel in operations, and steadfastly engage with communities in the local area and beyond.

Diversity is essential, equity is inherent, inclusion is innate, and accessibility is achievable.

Below are demographic snapshots of the ORNL workforce as of September 30, 2022. We invite you to follow our journey to expand the diversity of our workforce and to ensure equity, inclusiveness, and accessibility for all. 

Employee category definitions  
  • Lab Senior Leadership: Director/President, Deputy Director/Vice President, Associate Lab Director 
  • Research/Technical Management (first-line and mid-level): Engineering Management, Research Management, Technical Management 
  • Operations Management (or Research Support): Business Management, Computer Systems, Communications, Environment/Safety/Health & Quality, Facilities & Operations, Human Resources, Legal, Tech Transfer, Strategic Planning 
  • Technical Research Staff: Non-Management Researchers, Scientists, or Engineers 
  • Operations Support Staff: Non-Management Support Roles 
  • Postdocs: Postdoctoral Employees 
  • Graduate Students: Funded by the Lab (does not include those funded by DOE directly)
  • Undergraduates: Funded by the Lab (does not include those funded by DOE directly (i.e., SULI))

Our Diversity Principles

ORNL’s diversity principles reflect our work environment as employees come together to achieve our scientific mission. The principles serve as guideposts for the Laboratory’s diversity initiatives.

Equitable treatment and
opportunities for all employees

Respect for
individual differences

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Goals

Committed leadership

Engaged workforce

Enriched culture

Future workforce

Equitable workplace

Corporate citizen

Our People

ORNL celebrates the diversity of its employees and their ideas, cultures, and educational backgrounds. Learn more about these individuals and how their work helps distinguish ORNL as a premier research institution and employer.

Employee Resource Groups

The Laboratory’s employee resource groups (ERGs) are essential in creating awareness and providing feedback to the leadership team on workplace challenges and on workplace sentiment. Our ERGs enlist and empower our employees to help create a community where everyone feels respected and valued, and the groups work individually and together to help create a welcoming environment for more than 5,700 employees.

Our Awards

Career Communications Group Top Supporter of HBCUs 2021

Tennessee Board of Regents
Excellence in Philanthropy

Great Minds in STEM Awards (5)

ESGR Pro Patria Award

NVSBC FY20 Champions of
Veteran Enterprise Award

National GEM Consortium
Best Employer Award